New build (PWR and BWR)

New Build in the UK


  • Strong political and public support
  • Strong potential supply chain if considering companies such as RR
  • EPR has been licensed
  • Licensing seems to be quick (4 years)
  • PWR – materials expertise quite strong
  • Structural integrity
  • Fuel cycle infrastructure
  • Regulatory service


  • No domestic reactor design
  • No MTR/Research Reactor (JHR ceiling 2% access)
  • Very particular licensing compared to other countries
  • Limited expertise in running LWR’s
  • People have retired who where involved in making ‘shift’ from AGR to PWR
  • Very limited expertise in water chemistry in UK
  • Skill base a problem in general

Opportunities/Grand Challenges

  • Universities can widen capability base for supply chain
  • Revitalise manufacturing/engineering in UK with opportunities for export
  • Many new jobs in industries and universities
  • Limited (no) pre-history and ownership  means we can have different types of Gen III – Diversity
  • Manufacturing related research groups could get involved in nuclear


  • Still no agreement on new build
  • Some potential supply chain is falling away because of delay
  • All technology might get imparted
  • Is UK competitive enough and capable?
  • Losing public support
  • Final location of waste still not found
  • Failure to deliver to time and costs
  • Too expensive – failure to get costs down
  • Lower C-tax
  • Shell gas –fracking