The Nuclear Universities Consortium for Learning, Engagement and Research (NUCLEAR) is funded by the EPSRC to:

  • Widen academic and industrial collaboration and enhance knowledge transfer
  • Facilitate access to unique nuclear research facilities in the UK and overseas
  • Support Government, Regulator, Industry and Academia in the development of nuclear programmes
  • Promote the UK capability and knowledge internationally

The NUCLEAR group is responsible for organising national meetings to support the nuclear universities in the UK by –

  • Community Building through
    • Responding to opportunities
    • Developing research themes
    • Identifying new research opportunities
  • Providing Support to Stakeholders on
    • Government initiatives
    • Industry needs
    • Regulatory issues
    • University research councils
  • University research programmes and promoting International Opportunities for
    • Provision of training
    • Research programmes
    • Foreign and Commonwealth Office initiatives
    • Collaborative programmes

Further details on the NUCLEAR Academic Discussion Meetings can be found here.