Reactor Operations Control and Instrumentation


  •  Nuclear data generation
  •  Good UK SME base – niche capabilities
  •  Detector manufacture
  •  Digital systems
  •  Generic condition monitoring
  •  Understanding of UK regulatory process
  •  Operator training and internationally recognized capability
  •  Maintenance of advisory and technical capabilities
  •  Some work on safety certification of embedded software


  •  Access to national labs & facilities limited by bureaucracy, IP issues and affordability
  •  Business dominated by large offshore companies
  •  Poor security regulation
  •  Instrumentation a ‘poor relation’ to rest of nuclear activity
  •  Overburdened with regulation
  •  Systems Integrity in a NP context


  •  MOX fuel
  •  Lifetime extension issues – bridging the gap
  •  Safeguards
  •  Safety
  •  Cyber security
  •  Emergency planning, terrorism
  •  Fault detection
  •  Data maintenance – recording and longevity
  •  Certification of embedded software
  •  New control system strategies for Gen IV
  •  Load following strategies – grid issues
  •  Control systems for decommissioning
  •  Long life control systems for waste management & storage
  •  Experiential feedback


  •  Loss of access to facilities
  •  Loss of access to nuclear data
  •  Obsolescence
  •  Life extension delaying new reactor build
  •  Environmental hazards
  •  Maintaining legacy capability
  •  He3 shortage

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