Fuel Materials and Reprocessing


  •  Capability to manufacture prototypic fuels
  •  Involvement in Halden irradiation programmes
  •  Ability to manufacture Pu/Th bearing fuels
  •  Good pedigree in Post irradiation analysis
  •  Good process engineering resource base
  •  Strength in reparation (aqueous) Chemistry (actinides etc.)
  •  Access arrangements in place to NNL facilities for universities
  •  Able to attract research students
  •  Good links with EU/international programmes


  •  UK industry not committed to long term research in spent/advanced fuel
  •  Do not have nuclear strategy in UK (Gen IV/open-closed fuel cycle
  •  NDA strategy for AGR spent fuel unclear
  •  Not involved in Gen IV international forum
  •  Missing an adequate programme on spent fuel storage
  •  Do not have commissioned facilities for active fuel R&D
  •  Aging expertise base in technical area
  •  No UK test reactor or current funded route to international MTR
  •  Proliferation risk for current reprocessing


  • Gen IV fuels – accident tolerant fuels for Gen III/II
  •  Improve understanding on fuel/fission product volatility
  •  Commission ‘Phase 3’ which is specifically design for advanced fuel R&D with university access (inc. NNUF)
  •  Novel/new techniques can now be used for fuel research, modelling and validation
  •  Design of proliferation resistant fuels
  •  Position UK to support decision of future closed versus open cycle
  •  Develop pyro capability and other areas (difficult fuels) to broaden UK capability
  •  Engage process engineering capability
  •  Export opportunity (China/EU for advanced fuels)
  •  Public engagement


  • Closure of THORP
  •  Collapse of residual expertise (next 5-10 years)
  •  No funding for advanced fuel research (no national programme)
  •  Lock of MTR
  •  No focus on UK future needs – no strategy for roadmap
  •  Students available but lack of facilities for fuels R&d
  •  No training focus/training centres
  •  Growth of world demand will put pressure on U resources
  •  Public perception
  •  No EPRSC panel to review energy related proposals

This information can also be downloaded as a pdf file here